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Cargo care at sea

containership underway

A) Lashing check

Condition of Cargo (Container) Securing / Lashing shall be checked at least once daily and tightened as required.

In case of Heavy weather, more frequent lashing checks to be carried out and additional lashing taken as necessary, at masters discretion.

B) Prevent for Wet damage for Cargo

At sea, careful Sounding of Cargo Hold Bilges is paramount to early detection of potential damage to cargo due to ingress of sea water or leakages from water or oil systems on board.

Water accumulated inside Cargo Holds due to rain or other reason shall be removed well before it rises to a level where the lower tier containers are affected and cargo within may be subject to Wet damage.

Bilge sounding shall be carried out at least once a day, In port, cargo hold bilges shall be drained into a holding tank where provided and pumping overboard shall be avoided as far as possible.

Careful checks must be made before pumping Cargo Hold Bilges overboard to ensure no danger of Pollution by Oil or Contaminants.

C) Prevent for Cargo damage

Dangerous goods

Containers are to be visually checked at random to determine if they continue to remain in good condition. D.G containers require special attention and must be checked for Leakages/Damages.

D) Refer containers

All Reefer containers shall be monitored for condition and proper functioning at least Twice daily.

More frequent monitoring will be required in case of special/VIP reefer cargo containers and units giving trouble or suspected to be malfunctioning.

E) Cargo & Hull damage

If despite observing due diligence, damage to cargo or hull has occurred, the master shall take prudent action to minimize such damage and promptly report the facts to the company. The master shall make appropriate entries in the Ships Log Book and also preserve all relevant records including navigation charts, navigational and meteorological equipment records and print outs, weather reports and other related documents. Such documents and records may be required as evidence in case of claims.

The Master shall prepare a Masters Report on the damages sustained and also lodge a Sea Protest at the next port before a notary public and have it notarized.

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